There are many good reasons to travel with us, let ‘see some of them:

1.- The best Travel office location for better coordination

Our Travel office is located in the historical center of Cusco, just one block from the main square of Cusco, the gateway to Inca Trail, The office is open every day from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm., where we will provide maps and a pre-meeting and briefing of preparation with your tour guide the day before the trek, and you are welcome any time to store your belongings at our storage while you are on the trek, or get Wi-Fi for free at our place also. This ensures we can provide great value, comfort and security.


2.- Trips organized by 100% local Peruvian tour operator

We are 100% local people working for you. We are very proud to be Peruvians and having the great opportunity to share our culture with you , we have over 15 years of experience organizing tours to the best tourist destinations in our region , Our travel professionals and local experts do all the logistic and operational hard work. We not only take care of the every-day detail of your trip, but will also optimize your time and investment, reducing unnecessary costs. Feel safe and let us make your trip an unforgettable experience.


3.- The best Price and Value for your trip

No hidden fees, getting the best price is great, getting the best value is even better. We believe in providing a full service trek at an affordable price, offering great deals. In fact, many of our deals can’t be found anywhere else. And we’ll save you the time of trying with our low price guarantee. How we get this? Simply because we are the tour operator directly, handling costs of the business locally and employing the local people involved in your trek. If you have a Group, We handle all sorts of group treks of every level of complexity. Let us know exactly what you are looking for and we can help you customize the perfect trek at the best price for whatever your group size or needs. Trekking is a great way to spend a family vacation. What better way to get the kids away from all the modern gadgets and into the heart of nature. We can design a trip that’s perfect for your entire family at the best price.


4.- Travel with Experts-The best tour guides, porters, cooks and horsemen

Travel with the best travel team in the region, all our Staff locally know as “The Iron Team” is highly trained to attend all kind of groups, families, friends, couples and all those whom love the outdoors activities,
-Great guides: We carefully match the best guides with each trek and group, another reason why we ask you to book as soon as possible.
-Cooks: Our chefs are quite literally culinary geniuses, showing a mixture of traditional Andean food and western style dishes, prepares in the harshest conditions, they never fail to amaze.


5.- High Quality Equipment for your trip.

From a simple trekking pillow until the most sophisticate hiking pole of the best quality. We purchase new equipment every year in a 2-3 year rotation and are constantly seeking out the most comfortable brands to use. Enjoy a good night over a comfortable sleeping mattress providing both comfort and insulation, and with our spacious tent, our tents are 4 people, but you will only have to share with your trekking mate, leaving lots of space to spread out comfortably and store your all belongings.


6.- Excellent and All Meals included.

You should not worry about the food, because we include all meals during all our treks. You’ll be impressed, how is the quality of the food prepared by our cooks in a small Kitchen tent on a small stove. All food is prepared from fresh ingredients purchased in the local market in Cusco and carried by the porters. We don’t use canned or dehydrated food. Here all is fresh, generous, healthy and delicious. Moreover there is the possibility of preparing vegetarian or special diets according to your requirement without charge.


7.- Safe and Guaranteed departures.

We are the sole Tour Operator guarantees you all departures because we operate 100% of our treks sold focus on unique experiences. Other agencies wait to have enough customers to start a trek, and others companies claiming daily departures operate their treks jointly with other companies in service rotation. Therefore, you book a departure with a tour operator with the risk that it will actually be operated by another tour operator without you knowing. Even if we only have a single traveler for a departure date already sold, this trip will be operated by us with the prices listed in this website. So, If you book in this website have for sure that you will travel with us. Just we have normally small groups compounds among 5 to 8 Trekkers.


8.- We treat to our travel staff the best and we’re committed with social projects in the region.

We are also respectful to everyone, especially to people involved in this service, practicing good deal mainly for our workers, being the best treated, not always is the case with other agencies. That’s why we provide them entrance fees to Inca Trail, accommodation, transport and good food for all our staff, horsemen and cooks have health insurance paid for our Tour Company and all them having reasonable salaries according with the work realized. We are also committed to social projects sponsoring programs benefits for children of the local communities in health and education, so helping to improving good living conditions for them.


9.- We practice a Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

Our Tour Company is an eco-friendly company and is committed to the environment, practicing a sustainable tourism which encompasses responsible practices for recreation, conserving the biological and cultural diversity, sustainable use of ecological and local resources that should have a minimal impact from the tourist industry. An important act is our kitchen staffs use biodegradable dishwashing detergents to wash cooking gear along all our treks.

Cleaning Campaign of the Inca Trail 2018



10.- Personalized Service and Support

We are a small organization and when you make an inquiry we´re always able here to answer all the questions you have. We’re here to help providing a personalized attention and support. We try making things and all what to expect easier for you. Call or email to our contact center from anywhere, anytime. Always we know what we are talking about, which means we can help.

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