Rainbow Mountain and Climbing in the Inca Snow – 2 Days / 1 Night (You Don’t Need to Have Experience)




This route combines a hike and visit to the famous Vinicunca Mountain known as the Rainbow Mountain and the incredible experience of climbing a nearby Nevado located at 5330 m.s.n.m. nestled in the Peruvian Andes.

The Rainbow Mountain is located at approximately 5,026 m.s.n.m. and is located very close to the impressive Nevado Ausangate, between the upper provinces of Canas and Quispicanchis, of the Department of Cusco – Peru, with flat roads and some elevations, during this hike will enjoy stunning views and magical landscapes of the Andes, also beautiful streams of crystal clear waters and high-Andean lagoons that you will explore alongside our friendly Professional Guide, to also perform and enjoy a Climbing Safe in the Inca Snow, but don’t worry, climbing there is not as complicated as it seems, the truth is much easier than you imagine and also fun.

This trip is designed for active people of all ages who want to have fun, have great moments in full contact with nature and who want to learn about the interesting life of the local population.

Booking the Hike to Rainbow Mountain and Climbing in the Nevado del Inca with us, INCREDIBLE PERU TOURS – Peruvian Tour Operator, means that your trip will be very safe.

Your tour will be very well informed and in charge of a Professional High Mountain Guide UIAGM, in addition you will enjoy delicious meals and hot drinks to start and end the route prepared by an excellent cook, and travel accompanied by a group of our porters who will take care of bringing all the necessary equipment for their excursion, thus receiving a quality service.

Rest assured that all our professional staff will be there with you, from the beginning to the end of your trip to help you, and make the Adventure an Unforgettable Experience…


● Duration: 2 days / 1 night.
● Starting point: Cusco (Pick up from your hotel).
● Arrival Point: Cusco (Left at your hotel).
● Group size: Max. 8 people. (Small Group).
● Travel Style: Adventure, Trekking, Mountain Climbing, plus it’s an Ecological and Landscape tour.
● Excursion Score:: Hiking to Rainbow Mountain and Climbing in the Nevado is a highly recommended way to discover the charm and magic of the Peruvian Andes.
● Walking Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate.
● Climbing Level: Moderate.
● Walking Time:
– First day: 6 hours approx.
– Second day: 7 hours approx.
● Walking Distance:
– First day: 10 Km. approx.
– Second day: 14 Km. approx.
● Relevant Altitudes:
– City of Cusco: 3400 m.s.n.m. (Plaza de Armas).
– Start point of the Walk: 4850 m.s.n.m. (Pampachiri Community bus parking).
– Rainbow Mountain: 5026 m.s.n.m.
– Open de Wasaqocha: 4985 m.s.n.m. (First Step)
– Open de Puca Q´asa: 4960 m.s.n.m. (Second Step)
– Camp area: 4950 m.s.n.m. (Base Camp).
– Nevado Del Inca: 5330 m.s.n.m. (Cumbre).
– Climbing Instruction Zone: 5150 m.s.n.m. (Maximum Height).
– Final Point of the Walk: 4100 m.s.n.m. (Huayna Ausangate Community).
● Travel Dates: Daily departures from May to October (Closed from November to April due to the rainy season).
● Accommodation: 1 Night in Base Camp (In high mountain tents very comfortable, comfortable and safe)..


  • Discover the charm and magic of the Peruvian Andes.
  • Explore these interesting places and learn about life in the Andes Mountains.
  • Travel informed and led by a friendly and knowledgeable Professional Guide member of the Association of Mountain Guides of Peru.
  • Walk alongside beautiful landscapes and admire the valleys, canyons, lagoons and Glacials.
  • Entrance tickets included.
  • Pick up all the hotels in Cusco and the Sacred Valley.
  • Ideal for couples, groups of friends and nature lovers.
  • All necessary equipment included (camping and climbing).
  • Climb a Nevado from the area accompanied by a Professional Mountain Guide.
  • Free luggage storage while you are taking your tour.
  • It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


  • Panoramic views of the Nevado Ausangate: Have magnificent views of the highest mountain of the Cusco Region (6372 m.s.n.m.).
  • High-Andean Landscapes: Walk and enjoy the ravines, valleys, rivers and high-Andean lagoons.
  • South American Camel Herds: Observe Groups of Flames and Alpacas in the area.
  • Views of Vinicunca: Admire and capture the best photos of the famous Rainbow Mountain or 7-color Mountain.
  • Andean Men: Interact with the native people of the area, they are Quechua shepherds speaking and very friendly.
  • Climbing in the Inca Snow: Walk and climb an incredible snowfall of the area led by a mountain guide member of the U.I.A.G.M. (International Union of Mountain Guide Associations).


  • Reserve this Excursion as soon as possible, since having your trip organized will allow you on arrival in our City to have better of your time.
  • Arrive at least 1 day before your Tour as it will serve as acclimatization prior to your Hike. Remember that the City of Cusco is 3400 m.s.n.m.
  • Check your Personal Items to travel.
  • Visit us at our Main Office located in the Historic Center of Cusco City, 1 day before your Walk at 7:00 pm. to receive an Informative Talk about the trip led by the Tour Guide. This will help you to be much more informed, safe and ready for your Tour.
  • Leave your luggage that will not take you to the Tour free of charge in the Luggage storage of our Main Office.
  • Do not forget to carry your Updated Personal Documents as they can be requested by the Peruvian authorities at the Checkpoints.
  • If you have any questions or would like more information about this Tour, please feel free to contact us: Cell: +51 984525006 / WhatsApp: +51 984683047 or write to us at: info@incredibleperutours.com


This walk is ideal for those travelers who have a limited time and who want to have an easily reachable and interesting walk through the Peruvian Andes to reach the place known as “LA MOUNTAIN ARCO IRIS” or also called as “THE MOUNTAIN OF 7 COLORS” or in its English version “THE RAINBOW MOUNTAIN” named after the first groups of tourists who came to visit the place.
This amazing place is called by the local natives as “Vinicunca” or “Cerro Colorado”, these beautiful colorful painted mountains that vary in hue according to the weather, when it is cloudy its colors will be dim or darker and if the day is very sunny will be brighter and brighter colors.

During our walk we will have the opportunity to appreciate the varieties of South American camelids such as flames and alpacas, and if we are lucky we can observe the largest flying bird in the World the Condor where they live. This tour is designed for visitors who have a regular to good physical condition to be able to make a walk of about 6 hours: 3:30 hours of climbing (one way) + 2:30 hours of descent (return).

This great adventure begins in Cusco and we know that it will satisfy the most demanding hikers and that they will really get unforgettable memories through a preserved and wild nature with crystal clear rivers, in addition to having the best panorama views of the NEVADO AUSANGATE which is the fifth highest mountain in Peru with its summit reaching 6384 m.s.n.m., thus sharing unforgettable moments in full contact with nature where you can admire the charm and magic of the “ARCO ARCO MOUNTAIN” in a unique experience.



  • Day 1: Cusco – Rainbow Mountain – Patacocha.
  • Day 2: Patacocha – Huayna Ausangate – Cusco.


Day 1: Cusco – Pampachiri Community – Rainbow Mountain – Patacocha

Highlights of the day: Arrive walking to the Mountain of Colors early and be one of the first visitors of the day and before most groups, taking the most advantage of excellent photos and avoiding the crowds… Explore magical and enchanting places of the Peruvian Andes …

Early in the morning between 4:00 am. 4:30 a.m. we will stop by to pick them up from their Hotel located in the city of Cusco, then head south, leaving the city of Cusco on our tourist transport on a paved road passing through the town of Checacupe and then passing through the village of Pitumarca , so far the trip lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We will continue with our transport on a road not paved but in good condition for another 1 hour and 30 minutes more, passing through the Campesina Community of Pampachiri – Checkpoint where we will present the entrance tickets – then we will continue until we reach the Parking area of the buses around 7:00 am., place as far as the road and Start Point of the Walk.

Arriving in the Parking Area we will have a delicious breakfast prepared by our excellent cook. After tasting our breakfast our Guide will give us a brief talk about the place and the route as well around 8:00 am. we will start with our walk, first will be going up for about 50 minutes to reach our main destination of the day The Rainbow Mountain (5026 m.s.n.m.), a unique place that Mother Nature capriciously formed as if it were a great work of art.

In Rainbow Mountain we will have enough time to take the pictures of the memory. From here we will have very good panoramic views of the Nevado Ausangate (The highest Nevado of Southern Peru), also rest and after 40 minutes we are ready to descend.

From the Rainbow Mountain our hike has a slight descent for 1 hour and 30 minutes passing through a whimsical red mountain, then we continue descending passing near some lagunillas, until reaching the lagoon known as Yanacocha (lagoon 4750 m.a.n.m. where we will have the opportunity to rest and admire the place.

From the Yanacocha Lagoon our hike will go on ascent for 1 hour to the First Abra known as el Paso Wasaqocha located at 4985 m.s.n.m., when we arrive we will have the best panoramic views of the Nevado Ausangate and the whole area, here we will have a good rest and we will take advantage to eat our snacks.

From the Wasaqocha Pass we will descend for about 15 minutes, then the path goes flat for 45 minutes passing next to beautiful lagoons, then we will have a small ascent of 15 minutes until we reach the Second Abra known as the Q’asa Puca Pass located at 4960 M.a.s.l. Here we will have a short break and if we are lucky we will have the possibility to observe the largest flying bird World the great Condor.

From Paso Puca Q’asa the walk will be on the descent for about 15 minutes until we reach our Base Camp Zone located next to the beautiful Patacocha lagoon located at 4950 m.s.n.m. Upon arrival we will enjoy our lunch, then they will have time to rest and in the evening we will have our dinner. During dinner our guide will provide you with necessary information about the next day, so you will be fully informed, ready and ready for your second day.

After dinner and the information received it is advisable to go to sleep at a reasonable time in order to wake up in the early hours of the morning to get to the Climbing Zone early.

Day 2: Patacocha – Inca Snow – Huayna Ausangate – Cusco

Highlights of the day: If it is your first time in a Nevado, you will receive your First Training Training Classes in the impressive Nevado del Inca at about 5150 m.s.n.m., learning to use all the necessary technical equipment, then walk on the Snowandand make their first ascents… Explore very little-known places admiring the beauty of the ravines, valleys, rivers and high-Andean lagoons…

This second day we will get up early with a delicious coca tea, then we will taste a good breakfast to start with our walk at 4:00 am. we will walk for 2 hours climbing to the Climbing Practice Zone located at 5150 m.s.n.m. in the Nev ado Inca.

When we arrive in the Climbing Practice Zone, we will start with the Technical Instruction starting around 6:30 am. with the recognition of the necessary technical materials such as: climbing boots, grampones, running piolet, harnesses, carabiners, stakes, ice screws, etc. Then, we will continue with the Training on Techniques and Mountain Safety such as lace-ups, anchors, rappels or controlled descents.

We will then make our first ascents and rappels. The entire Technical Instruction will be 100% practical, ending around 10:00 am. and after the photo shoot and a well-deserved rest, we will start with our walk descending for 1 hour to our Base Camp, arriving at approximately 11:30 am.

When we arrive at our camp we will have a short break, and around noon we will have a restful and delicious lunch. Then we will prepare our backpacks to continue the journey and around 1:00 pm. We will leave our Base Camp and descend for 1 hour and 30 minutes to the area of Pacocha Pampa located at 4300 m.s.n.m.

Then the walk has a gentle descent going through small local houses made of stone where we have the possibility to interact with local residents. During this trip we will be able to see herds of South American camelids such as the flame and alpaca, some small birds of the area, lagoons and streams of crystal clear waters, to reach the area of Huayna Ausangate around 5:30 pm. where our transfer will be waiting. Here we will board our transport that will take us back to Cusco City arriving around 8:30 pm. to finally drop it off at your hotel.


  • The schedules of this itinerary are only referential, this may vary according to the physical condition of each person.
  • Until a day before call us or inform us by email the name of your accommodation located in the City of Cusco, where we will pick you up on the day of the tour.
  • This itinerary may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control such as adverse natural causes, weather conditions, poor road conditions, delays, strikes, cancellations, etc.



● Meeting and informative preparation talk by your Guide, can be 1 or 2 days before the tour in our Office located in the City of Cusco.
● Safe luggage storage at no cost for your belongings at our Cusco Office while you take your tour.
● Pick up from your hotel on the day of the tour.
● Tourist Transport of Ida from Cusco to the Pampachiri Peasant Community (Start Point of the Walk).
● Professional Mountain Guide (We have Guides in Spanish, English, French and Italian).
● A second Guide (For groups of 5 or more travelers).
● Cook and Kitchen Assistant to prepare all food during the route.
● Admission ticket paid as a collaboration to the local peasant community.
● All food during the tour (02 breakfasts, 02 lunches, 01 lunches and 01 dinner).
● There is the possibility to prepare vegetarian meals or special diets according to your requirement at no additional cost.
● Boiled water included to refill your water bottles.
● Team of porters, who will load all the climbing equipment and camping equipment such as: tents, tables, chairs, food, kitchen equipment, among others. They will also carry up to 5 kg. personal luggage of each traveler (for this will be delivered in the preparation talk a canvas bag to each traveler, where you will place your personal items).
● Camp equipment required for the excursion you will use as:
– High Quality Mountain Dormitory Tent designed for 4 people that will be used only by 2 people, this is to give you better comfort and so you will also have enough space to store your luggage.
– Thermarest inflatable mat.
– Polar blanket.
– Camping pillow.
– Dining shop with picnic tables + portable chairs + lamps for the night.
– Cooking Shop with complete equipment for preparing meals.
● Technical Climbing Team required for you to use as:
– Climbing boots.
– Grampones.
– Helmet.
– Gloves.
– Piolet marching.
– Technical Piolet.
– Harness.
– Carabiners.
– Collective equipment such as ropes, stakes, ice screws.
– First aid kit and
– Emergency oxygen balloon.
● Tourist transport back from the Community of Huayna Ausangate to the City of Cusco.


Up to one day before your trip, at our Travel Office, located in the City History Center, if you wish, for an additional payment you have the option to add to your booked trip, the following:

  • Feather sleeping bag (you can rent at our travel office + $10th USD for the trip).
  • A couple of walking poles (you can rent at our travel office + $10th USD for the trip).


  • Mountain Personal Equipment (please check the full list at: WHAT TO TAKE).
  • Travel insurance.
  • Optional Tips for your care and service team (only if you want, at the end of the Tour, you can give a voluntary tip for the guide, cook and porters).



Many people assume that the climate in South America is warm, but in higher altitude areas such as the Peruvian Andes, the temperature can feel very cold, especially at night, so we put at your disposal the complete list of things to wear to organize your backpack from now on. This way, if you don’t have any of them, you can buy it in advance, and if you can’t buy it don’t worry, there are many camping equipment shops in The City of Cusco where you can rent or buy what you lack.

Please review the following list of things to take to the route and remember that everything is very important for the success of your trip.


  • Copy of your Passport or Identity Document.
  • Excursion Coupon or Voucher issued by us.
  • Copy of your Travel Insurance.


  • Sleeping bag.
  • Bottle for water.
  • Some snacks like cookies, candy, chocolates, cereals.
  • Extra money, if you want to buy some souvenirs from your excursion.

Clothing and Footwear:

  • Walking shoes and sandals.
  • Warm clothing: Thermal jacket, gloves, scarf, wool socks, fleece or wool cap for cold nights.
  • Waterproof clothing: waterproof trousers and waterproof jacket.
  • Cotton or synthetic clothing: long pants, socks, underwear, polo shirts and T-shirts.
  • Hat to cover the sun.


  • Personal medications, blessed and anti-inflammatory pills.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Skin and lip cream.

Personal hygiene items:

  • Small towel.
  • Pasta and toothbrush.
  • Toilet soap.
  • Brush or comb.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Body deodorant spray.
  • Toilet paper.

Other items:

  • Front flashlight (with extra batteries).
  • Sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Battery-powered photo camera and extra memory cards.
  • Walking poles.
  • Pocket knife.
  • Some plastic bags.
  • Good sense of humor

We recommend a previous acclimatization in Cusco City, at least 1 day before your hike, and good overall health.



In the areas with higher altitudes such as the Cordillera de los Andes Peruano, the temperature can feel very cold, especially very early in the morning and also at night, so we recommend wearing warm clothes considering also the altitude at which is the Rainbow Mountain is about 5020 m.s.n.m., this area known as high-andean for its elevation can affect some people in its health with different symptoms, this disease is known as the “Height Mal” or “Soroche” and has as symptoms headache, nausea, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, lack of energy and symptoms of asphyxiation caused by lack of oxygen.

To help prevent altitude sickness, such as acclimatization to high-altitude places we recommend you to reach Cusco (3400 m.s.n.m.) at least 1 day before your walk, so your body will be accommodating and conditioning to the height. The first hours in height are important, this first day do not consume a lot of food since your body may not receive it since digestion at height will be very slow, causing abdominal pain or nausea. Climbing gradually and uneasily to higher elevations is key. Getting enough rest and sleep are also important. Because altitude problems are closely linked to dehydration, we suggest staying well hydrated, once you arrive at Cusco you should increase the consumption of liquids such as MuaTE tea known as Andean mint, or COCA tea , which will make you feel better and with more energy. Limit alcoholic beverages and tobacco, caffeine, and aspirin that tend to dehydrate your system. Keep these recommendations in mind, so your excursion to Rainbow Mountain and Climbing in the Inca Snow will be more enjoyable… Your body and your health will thank you!.



USD $360.00 per adult (14 years or older)


  • Please note that this tour requires a minimum of 2 adults.
  • If you are planning to travel alone, please contact us to offer you a date in an already organized group.
  • Our passion is family travel, so if you travel with children get in touch to offer you our promotions.




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  • Once you have made the corresponding Pre-Payment, call or email us at: info@incredibleperutours.com indicating the Amount and Date and Deposit.
  • Immediately after verifying your deposit, we will start with all the Procedures and Reservations necessary for the realization of your Tour; as well as the purchase of The Permits and Tickets for your Group. These procedures will be carried out in the Ministry of Culture of Peru (Peruvian State Agency in charge of the Administration of the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu).
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