1. The Change and/or Cancellation Policies are part of this Terms and Conditions

2. Inform Incredible Peru Tours – IPT of any allergies or medical problems you suffer. It is necessary to be in good physical health and if your health is questionable, then you should consult a doctor about your trip to high places and even more if you are going to make any trekking route. If you are over 65 then you will need to present us with an updated medical certificate.

3. During the trip, if you wish to leave the group or camping area for independent walks or excursions you must inform the guide, this being at your sole responsibility. If you notice any problems with the guide service or other tour service, please notify the guide at that time so that you can resolve any issues as soon as possible.

4. The entrance ticket to Huayna Picchu Mountain is not included in any excursion. If you want to visit, please request your reservation and pay for it as soon as possible, as availability is limited (only 400 people per day). Pair this you must send us the request to incredibleperutours@gmail.com, after we will confirm the reservation, immediately after You must pay US $75.00 per adult or US$ 40.00 per student, then you must send us the copy of your payment. In this way, on the day of your visit to Machu Picchu and after your guided tour of the place, you will be able to ascend to Huayna Picchu Mountain at approximately 10:30 am. This service is only offered to our customers and applicable as an extension to some excursion reserved with us.

5. You must comply with the System and Payment Dates, especially with your last payment that will be made up to 1 day before the day of your departure to the tour, using any of the payment methods indicated. If you wish to make this last payment by Credit card or Debit – VISA, you must assume 8% for transaction taxes.

6. If you wish to obtain the student fee, you must send us an email at the time of your booking by attaching a scanned copy of your current ISIC Card. This is the only valid card to get the ticket as a student. The Peruvian Ministry of Culture regulates and controls the use of the card in archaeological monuments and does not accept any other type of card such as the young traveler’s license, nor the international teacher’s license.

7. If you do not show up on the date, place and time of departure of your tour (No Show), we will not be responsible for your failure to submit either for reasons of illness, delay or cancellation of your flight and any other reason beyond our responsibility. The costs of excursions are not returnable, this is because services such as entrance tickets to the Archaeological Monuments, Inca Trail, porters, cooks, and bus tickets, train tickets, food among other services are booked and paid for at the time you make the reservation.

8. You must bring your original passport and ISIC card in physical (if you are a student) to all excussions contracted with us, if you do not carry the original passport with which you made your reservation, the checkpoint will cancel your permit and deny you entry to the place to visit. If for any reason the passport number with which I book your excursion does not match the passport number delivered by you to the checkpoint you will lose your trip. If in the course of time you carry out any passport change procedure, you must send us an email as soon as possible with the Subject: Change of Passport, attaching a copy of the current passport, so we will carry out the corresponding procedures. Don’t forget to bring both the old and the new passports to support the process of changing the old passport number with the current number. Remember that the places to visit are regulated by the Ministry of Culture and not by our company.

9. Only for excursions that comprise the Inca Trail there are no Date Changes, as this is not possible after a dated permit has been processed. These permits are non-transferable and non-refundable. The deposit total will be lost. Please note that we do this because the Ministry of Culture forbids us to re-sell your reserved space.

10. For excursions that arrive in Machu Picchu and that have train back to Cusco, you should know that the return time will depend on the availability of seats that the train company offers. We have a preference for return trains between 15:30 and 18:30 hours, but this has to have enough seats available to accommodate the whole group, usually this is not a problem except on special days like weekends or n important holiday times such as Inti Raymi, Independence Day and Easter. The Train Company in order to provide the service to all users confirms the schedules of the return trains from Aguas Calientes for the Adventure Travel Agencies only a few days before the trip. The schedules of the return trains offered in our itineraries and programs are reference and may be subject to change of hours between 13:00 and 21:50 hours. Usually these trains require a private bus connection from Ollantaytambo Train Station to Cusco City, this bus is provided by us Incredible Peru Tours – IPT.

11. If you become ill or injured during the trip and cannot continue there will be no refund of the payment made. In this case you will be provided with a person to accompany you back, to the nearest place where you may have emergency medical assistance. If the situation requires a helicopter air rescue, in addition to the costs of all medical assistance and other expenses generated by the evacuation will be paid and fully covered by the traveler. If you are already recovered and the dates match that of your group, we will help you to meet with your group in Machu Picchu and restart your tour from that moment, we will however deliver a document to certify the loss of the trip and that Us you can use it to present it to your Insurance Company.

12. Our travel company is not responsible for any additional costs due to unfavourable weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes, accidents, illness, injury, loss of personal property, etc. It is the customer’s responsibility to have insurance to cover these types of events. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the program due to any of the conditions mentioned above.

13. For excursions that have visits to sites that are declared by the Peruvian Government as places of risk or emergency and that are closed unexpectedly for security reasons, our travel company will replace your trip with another excursion alternative for the same dates and this will be according to the length of the days of the contracted tour.

14. We recommend that you take out travel insurance in your home country, which includes coverage under certain circumstances, covering the loss of deposit or cancellation payments. Please note that there are no refunds when cancellations of unused services occur.

15. Incredible Peru Tours will make every effort to provide you with a safe and enjoyable trip, but will not accept any liability for damage, accidents, injuries, loss of luggage, expenses and others due to delays or for any reason whatsoever. This also applies to any person or property in connection with any service that our intermediaries provide, resulting directly or indirectly from acts of force majeure. If this occurs our Travel Agency will provide you with a record explaining the cause of the cancellation of the trip for you to perform your corresponding procedures before your Insurance Company.

16. By purchasing one or more excursions via this route, You agree and agree to the present Terms and Conditions.


Based on our experience in Tourism, we know that some of our travelers for different reasons and/or reasons do not travel, so we in our eagerness to help you and provide you with a good service, we have travel change and cancellation policies that provide the best solution and support for you.

All Travel Changes and/or Cancellations shall apply in accordance with the following:


1.-Changes and cancellations made by customers must be made in writing as soon as possible and via email.

2.-If you think it is necessary to cancel your confirmed trip. Wait!… We inform you that it is possible to transfer your reserved space to another person up to 3 days before the tour. (This transfer is not applicable for routes comprising the Inca Trail).

3.-I arrive on the day of your trip and for some reason you cannot make your confirmed tour as the Inca Trail or any other trip that arrives in Machu Picchu… Don’t think everything’s already lost. We will work in coordination with you in the best way possible by helping you exchange your hike for a train trip to Machu Picchu using your permission and purchased entry. So you won’t stay without visiting this Wonder!!!.

4.-If the above case is applied, the customer is responsible for the expenses and payments generated by the change from the walk to a train trip, recharging at the price of the trip such as administrative expenses, bus ticket payments and train travel tickets.

5.-For travel cancellations for routes that comprise the Inca Trail where You already make the respective pre-payment. The deposit made as a pre-payment is non-refundable as this amount is used to make payments for all reservations necessary for the service.

6.-For travel cancellations that are 100% paid, penalties will be subject to which will depend on the date of the cancellation made before the date of the start of the trip according to the table below:

7. All corresponding returns will be made by our company directly to your credit card or bank account, discounting the respective percentage according to the date of cancellation.


1. We will make every effort to make the package you have purchased. However, we reserve the right to reduce or modify the itinerary, change or replace activities, hotels, meals or transport when we deem it necessary.

2. In the above case, none of the modifications and/or changes made by our Company will affect the price of the package. Be sure you won’t have to add any money.

3. Our company is not responsible for expenses or loss of money for cancelling or suspending the trip at any time, for a reason that in our opinion, may compromise the quality of the trip or the safety of our travelers for any circumstance that is beyond our control such as in case of insecurity: strikes, stoppages, disturbances or other causes generated by nature: huaycos, collapses and others.