Who We are

“Behind a great company there is a great team of people”

We are 100% Peruvian people working for you with the only goal to do your visit is real and enjoyable, exceeding all your expectations.

We are very proud to be Peruvians and  having the great opportunity to share our culture with you, we are a professional team in tourism over 15 years of experience organizing tours to the best tourist destinations in our region , Our travel professionals and local experts do all the logistic and operational hard work. We not only take care of the every-day detail of your trip, but will also optimize your time and investment, reducing unnecessary costs.

Nowadays, all of us committed to responsible and sustainable tourism, support programs benefits to local communities and in health and education, minimizing the social and environmental impacts generated by tourism, and contributing to the conservation of natural habitats and fragile cultures have worked during many years for several local and international Tour Companies.

Now, feel safe, relax and let us make your trip an unforgettable experience…

Yours sincerely,

IPT – Travel Team.


  • Experience and Dedication: We have the enough knowledge and experience organizing the best trips to the Peruvian Andes. We do this effort with a lot of pleasure in our daily tasks and seeking to improve day by day.
  • Respect and Honesty: We consider very important to be honest with our company, our clients and our colleagues, keeping the obedience to the company’s procedures, always considering the clients’ needs and maintaining harmony between co-workers.
  • Creative and Innovating: With willingness and determination to accomplish a great work in team, where we can creating and innovating all our services.
  • Responsibility and Feeling: Involvement in carrying out our work rigorously, overseeing our company’s resources and looking after the services we offer our clients.
  • We are proud to be Peruvians, 100 % local people working for you and very committed with our Culture, local traditions and the Society of the Peruvian Andes.
  • Friendliness and Cordiality: Attending to visitors in the best possible way and cordiality, this is based in – Our client is our friend.


  • To provide sustainable and informative tours to Machu Picchu and many Inca interesting places.
  • To educate you about Incan culture and its history in one of the most beautiful locations in the Peruvian Andes.
  • To provide a unforgettable, enjoyable and unique trekking experience.
  • To maintain a 100% locally owned company with a view of supporting our local community by providing jobs and concentrating on reinvesting back into the community.
  • To provide equitable services to the Green Army (our Porters), providing them with the appropriate equipment for hiking, Health Insurance and that they are paid deservedly for their tireless work .


  • To be recognized as the leading Travel Agency and Tour Operator in the Cusco Region and Perú.
  • To be one of the main contributors to the development of the Tourism Sector and people of the local communities involved in these services. We are sure to get these things with your valuable help…Thanks a lot in advance.